Perfect Cars for the Modern Urban Professional

When you’re dwelling in a city and space is limited, like New York, or San Francisco, you have to be very careful about what kind of car you drive. If you go for the bigger is better sort of idea, you will find yourself very often in a situation where you are limited about what you can do simply because of the size of your car. You’ll find a great space near the restaurant but be unable to squeeze your SUV in there. Or you’ll get a luxury car and then be worried about getting it scratched by parking in the all-too-cozy parking lot of the Trader Joe’s. When you’re a modern urban professional, you have a lot of things to consider in a car, and so here are some that fit the needs of style and comfort and also a size that makes sense for city living.



The Fiat is new to the States and we’re so thankful that it’s here. This Italian bugger is a great car because it’s fast and furious and at the same time tiny. Some tiny cars, like the SMRT car, are so laughably awful looking that there’s no reason anyone in their right mind would ever drive them. But a Fiat has some sex appeal despite being small, and on top of that, you can fit a dozen or so of them in a traditional parking space. You’ll be finding spots where you never thought there would be one before. You can’t go wrong with a Fiat.

Nissan Juke


If you’re looking for a car with a unique shape and style that also combines interior roominess with smaller outside shape, then look at the Juke. You may not easily be able to picture what it looks like because you don’t seem them all that often. And that’s too bad, because the Juke is actually a great car, one that should increase in popularity soon. Check out the Juke at Nissan Cerritos and give it a test ride, and you will be surprised with how sporty it is, while also being easy to park and zip around the busy streets in. You’ll have luxury and comfort and peace of mind. Look at them online if you’d like:

Honda Fit


You can’t go wrong with the Honda Fit. It’s got everything including the reliability of a Honda. It’s sporty and zippy and also easy to load with groceries or whatever kind of gear you use for your weekend hobbies. They also look cool, unlike a lot of the hatchback competitors. You won’t have to park around the corner when you drive a Fit, you can roll right up, toss the keys to the valet, and hold your head high as you walk into the overpriced night spot. These things will likely last you 200,000 miles or so if you maintain them. They’re really a great car for the urban professional.