Keeping Kids Cool In the Car When The Temperatures Soar

It can be really difficult to keep your cool in the car when the temperatures start to soar, so think about the problems associated with smaller children, particularly those who are still at the age of rear facing car seats. Residents of Orange County know how unbearably hot it can get at the height of summer, so here are a few tips to help everyone keep their cool.
Here are a few things to remember:
Keep The Car Cool
• Sunshades – there are plenty of removable sun shades around these days which can help to keep the interior of the car cooler and more comfortable for everybody. The reflective sunshades can make a big difference on both the windshield and the rear window when parked. It also helps if you remember to park your car in the shade whenever possible.


• Window Tinting – is another great way to keep the interior of your car cool in the hottest months. There are some types of window tint which is designed to block out UV rays too.
• Remember not to use anything on the windows which inhibits your views while driving . . . it’s one thing to block out the sunlight but can be positively dangerous if you block out any part of the view entirely.
Cooling Down The Car Seat
• One fabulous way to cool down the baby seat is to use a removable cooler for your car seat. These are a superb idea and are really quite simple – a removable ice pack can be placed in the freezer and placed onto the car seat to keep it cool . . . don’t forget to take it out when you put your child into the seat though, they are not designed to be sat upon.


• Sunshades – are another simple but extremely effective way of keeping babies and smaller children cool when they are traveling in the car. Many infant carriers have sun shades attached so make sure that they are left in the upright position while they are in the car. This can help to block out some of the sunshine from the side windows.
Cooling Down Your Child
• The old ways are still the best, and one of the most effective ways of cooling down a hot child is by using cool water. Sponge down your child with cool water before they get into the car . . . all parts of exposed skin can be wet, you can even wet their hair and some of their clothes in extreme cases.
• Spray bottles are another fabulous method of cooling down during the hottest temperatures. Many older children will enjoy hanging onto a spray bottle filled with cooling liquid or perhaps even a small fan which they can use to keep themselves cool. Make sure that your child is old enough to be responsible with anything of this sort . . . if they try chewing on the blades of the fan it could cause a choking hazard.


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