2004 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0 – Tony Bryan


Normally when buying a vehicle you look for the very best deal, as well as perhaps performance or economy. So, when Tony Bryan from Fort Lauderdale, FL acquired this ’04 Jetta 2.0L from your dealership, he was in the mindset from the average commuter.the online forums, Tony soon saw light at the conclusion of the commuter tunnel. He started like most of us often do, performing classic novice tuner mods, such as tinted headlights, too much use of LEDs, criminally dark tinted windows and, of course, a box wheel stance.

Before reaching his ultimate vision, his road to VW tuning fame would have to climb the ladder. So he sourced some 17″””” AMG wheels, which he and his girlfriend hand-polished to some showroom finish. Tony then set the car down on air and soon onlookers had to double-take at his Jetta. Tony had a new mission to keep pushing the envelope whilst keeping people interested.

After years of several parts combinations, including a full plaid interior, Tony’s current vision is a meticulously lowered beauty. Debuted during this year’s SoWo 7, Tony showcased his Lipstick Red leather interior, which had been lovingly upholstered by trusted friend, Vincent from Auto Accessories & Seat Covers of Hollywood, FL.

Together with the unique Stain Blue wrap, and polished 18×8.5″””” 18 (f) and 18×10″””” 30 (r) CCW Classic wheels, you simplyand a 4Motion lip helped to incorporate the subtle details that pull the auto together.

When a car reaches this level, family members are usually enlisted and Tony had his girlfriend help him rip out your interior, while his mother helped upholster pieces of the interior.

That’s one family we wouldn’t mind showing a project car. You never know, we could even be treated into a fantastic home-cooked meal afterward. Did we mention his girlfriend also helped study the wheel wells for the perfect offset?

Take a good look at Tony’s creation and it’s tough to think he still has an obsession with reaching the next step. Future plans include painting the car, so we’ll probably have to revisit it the new year.